What To Do If Sex Hurts (Causes and Solutions for Painful Sex)

Red Penis and More: Strange Sex Problems

A red or aggravated penis could result from hostile sex, but it might likewise signify an unusual reaction. Here’s the inside information on three extremely weird sex consequences.

Penis Weights Can Bring Penis Pain

Lots of guys withstand a little bit of penis discomfort trying to find better penis size. Penis weights are one prominent approach which typically causes some pain to the penis.

Could That Sore Penis Come From Drinking Wine?

There are worse points than a sore penis, but one can obstruct of appreciating sex. Some individuals assume a glass of wine might cause some pain. Are they fix?

What Penis Health Says About Longevity

A man needs to pay very close attention to penis health and wellness, as it can provide ideas to his overall wellness too. One point in certain to note is impotence.

Identifying Penis Rash: Petechaie

Getting out of one’s trousers to uncover the visibility of a penis breakout can be a demoralizing experience. Often, the rash might be because of petechaie, small pinpoint dots.

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