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Scary Looking Penis Bumps Might Be Lichen Planus

Penis bumps are normally undesirable, however often inescapable. Guy with good hygiene techniques might still get penis bumps from something referred to as lichen planus.

Anemia May Derail Penis Function

A male’s penis feature is vital for pleasure of sexes. Sometimes anemia can have a negative effect on this feature, necessitating treatment.

Four Reasons to Take Discolored Penile Skin Very Seriously

It’s easy for a man to disregard an oddish hue on his Johnson as just a small point that will certainly disappear. Nevertheless, stained penile skin is nothing to brush off.

Premature Ejaculation Fixes

Premature ejaculation can be an actual bummer for a male as well as his penis. Read on to discover just how to obtain and preserve more powerful erections for extensive playtime with lidocaine.

Penis Problems: Can Exercising Reverse Erectile Dysfunction?

Should guys be engaging in even more sweat sessions for a more delicate penis? There are some scientists that sure believe so.

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