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Penis Odor Reduction Strategies to Avoid

A strong instance of penis smell is unwanted as well as possibly damaging to a man’s attempts at partnering. Recognizing what techniques to stay clear of when battling this concern is essential.

Why Those Penis Size Surveys Don’t Matter

Many males’s websites include on the internet surveys as well as surveys about an individual’s favorite appendage, typically with an emphasis on penis size. Yet there’s a factor why so many of these surveys are undependable.

That Itchy Penis May Come From Time in the Hot Tub

Unwinding in a jacuzzi – or having a searing time with a partner in one – can be fun. Yet guys need to know that an itchy penis can result.

Erect Penis Control: Fighting the Masturbation Urge

When a man has an insistently put up penis, self pleasure usually complies with. However sometimes a man intends to masturbate less often, which may need some special methods.

Red Penis: A Telltale Sign of Sunburn

Men that love to frolic bare in the sunlight could notice a red penis, skin peeling off on the penis, as well as other sun-related problems. Below’s just how to treat it.

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