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Dry Penis Skin May Result From Malnutrition

Dry penis skin can wreck the result of offering the penis to a companion, so maintaining this problem away is critical. Sometimes poor nutrition might be accountable for this dryness.

Sex Toys for Penis Health: Hints for Using a Sex Doll

Although increasingly more grownups appear to be using (or possibly being a bit a lot more open concerning their usage of) sex toys, not everyone has the very same convenience level with these products. And despite higher approval of sex playthings, the sex doll remains to have a certain credibility that protects against many from acknowledging their rate of interest in this alternative. However, when made use of with correct attention to penis care, a sex doll can end up being a welcome enhancement to a man’s masturbatory regimens.

Is That Bent Penis Related to Hearing Problems?

When a guy has a significantly bent penis, he may would like to know what the cause of this situation can be. Surprisingly, in many cases it may be associated with aspects creating hearing loss.

Travel Masturbation: Rules of the Road

A little travel can take a guy to brand-new locations – as well as lead to self pleasure if he gets tired along the road. Adhering to a few basic rules can help maintain points in hand.

Warts on the Penis – What Does This Mean?

A male who notifications excrescences on his penis may be horrified about what that means. Below’s what the smart man requires to understand when he sees suspicious-looking bumps.

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