Powerful Benefits of Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang Qigong)

Maintaining a Healthy Penis While Camping

When a male has a healthy and balanced penis, he gets on top of the world. However some manly activities, such as outdoor camping in bush, can present some unique challenges to maintaining that precious wellness.

Is the Erect Penis Affected by Marijuana Use?

Lots of guys smoke cannabis each day, however is it feasible that such use can hinder the feature of their upright penis? Some studies suggest this might hold true.

Is Small Penis Syndrome Affecting Your Sex Life?

Some men with penises of normal size still deal with small penis disorder, which influences not only their sex life but additionally their emotional health. Treating this condition is necessary.

7 Surprising Signs You Have Low Testosterone

Testosterone can be called hormonal agent generated by the body. Testicles produce it in the case of men, as well as ovaries in case of ladies. Many individuals typically think of low testosterone as males’s problems, however it is also observed in the growth of women.

When a Penis Rash Is Something to Worry About

A penis rash can be worrisome, however there’s excellent news: Penis breakouts are commonly light and promptly vanish with simple solutions. Nevertheless, often a penis rash is an indication of deeper penile problems. Below’s exactly how to know.

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