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Uncomfortable Penis Injury: Frenulum Breve

No kind of penis injury is preferable, as anyone that has actually experienced one can confirm. A man with frenulum breve might experience painful cuts and also tears to the penis.

Penis Odor: Blame Thioalcohols

Sexually energetic guys in specific recognize that penis smell can be a turn-off to a partner. Current research study has shown that something referred to as thioalcohols adds mightily to undesirable smell.

When a Head Injury Causes Penis Problems

Penis issues can emerge for lots of reasons, from the emotional to the emotional to the physical. Also something as relatively unrelated as a head injury can be a reason.

A Surprising Penis Health Issue: Gardnerella Vaginalis

Penis health and wellness can be endangered by a wide range of factors. One of the much more unusual ones is Gardnerella vaginalis, which is commonly considered even more of a women disease.

Koro: Living in Fear of a Small Penis

As well lots of men stay in worry of having a small penis, when skill as well as penis wellness are even more crucial. Koro refers to an illogical idea that one’s penis is shrinking.

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