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Better Sex Through Sensual Game Playing

Sometimes a pair has great sex but wishes to have even much better sex. It can be valuable for them to take into consideration including some games right into their sex play.

Unsatisfactory Penis Function: What Causes Delayed Ejaculation?

There are many concerns which can hinder penis feature. While premature climaxing is a concern for lots of, some men deal with the contrary problem: postponed climaxing.

Masturbation at Work: A Coffee Break Alternative

Among the happiness of masturbation is that practically it can be appreciated anywhere – with correct care as well as discernment, obviously. Several guys masturbate at the workplace, which can assist them feel much less stressed.

Sore Penis? An “Alternative” Lubricant May Be to Blame

Sex, whether with oneself or an additional individual, can be so great that a male may end up with an aching penis from overenthusiastic exercise. Normal use a proper lubricant can help protect against that.

Summer Penis Rash: Swimmer’s Itch?

A penis breakout in the center of the summer season ids troublesome – and can be embarrassing if an individual is captured scraping his tools. Swimmer’s impulse is one feasible root cause of a summertime breakout.

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