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Penis Odor: A Primer for a Woman

Penis odor can be an offer breaker when a female is taking into consideration whether to progress with a sexual relationship. Knowing more concerning this problem can assist a lady decide what to do.

Yow! Avoiding Male Organ Pain During Oral Sensual Activity

There are few things that give a guy much more pleasure than a delirious spell of foreplay. But sometimes this pleasant activity can cause remaining penis discomfort.

Loss of Sensation in the Penis: Medical and Non-Medical Factors

When a guy experiences loss of feeling in his penis, it can lead a guy to experience an impact to his self-confidence, feel distressed, and also can even bring about depression. This post covers numerous prospective reasons for penile experience loss and possible therapy options to boost feeling.

Bumps on the Penis: Can They Be Cured?

When a man locates bumps on the penis, it can be a cause for alarm. Could it be an ingrown hair, or is something much more severe, like an STI? Keep reading to learn what caused that bump and also exactly how to get rid of it.

Five Sore Penis Causes and Ways to Prevent Them

A sore penis is a relatively usual signs and symptom as well as typically not a huge bargain. Below are a couple of root causes of penis pain and also just how to avoid it from occurring.

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