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5 Causes of an Itchy Rash on the Penis: Identification, Treatment and Prevention

It begins as a tickle however after that establishes into to a full-on scrape fest. Getting a scratchy breakout on the penis is a headache for any kind of guy. Allow’s take a look at five common root causes of penis rashes and also how to return to great.

How Brain Chemistry May Lead to Compulsive Masturbation

Normal self pleasure is an enjoyment for lots of men and an excellent means to learn exactly how one’s body features. Occasionally, nevertheless, self pleasure may come to be uncontrollable – and a medicine called pramipexole could be one reason that.

Wine and Penis Pain – Excuse Me?

Penis discomfort is normally high on the list of experiences to be prevented. Surprisingly, some guys discover that alcohol consumption white wine may cause a degree of penis pain.

Ho-Ho-Hot Christmas Sex Tips

The Christmas season is a time when loved ones offer each other special gifts. These sex ideas can aid a pair offer each various other holiday-themed sex concepts.

Will Probiotics Benefit an Itchy Penis?

Oh, the curse o an itchy penis! Guys intend to be saved the shame of scratching in public. Including probiotics to their diet plan may be one way to assist check this problem.

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