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Causes of Penis Rash: What About Spermicide?

An or else remarkable as well as enticing member can be seriously ruined by an undesirable penis rash. One potential root cause of such a breakout is a prophylactic oiled with spermicide.

Penis Health and STIs: Understanding Syphilis

Great penis health depends upon, among other points, avoiding STIs, along with treating them without delay in case they do happen. In this write-up, we check out the common indicators of syphilis and also just how this possibly harmful disease is dealt with.

Loss of Penile Sensitivity: Why It Happens and How to Get It Back

Loss of penile sensitivity can make a man shed self-confidence, feel distressed, and also can also result in anxiety. This short article covers numerous prospective reasons for loss of penile level of sensitivity as well as prospective therapy options to obtain it back.

When Penis Odor Rears Its Ugly Head: 7 Causes and How to Freshen Up

Penis smell is embarrassing as well as repulsive. Nonetheless, it can be a symptom of a hazardous infection. Continue reading to read more concerning what triggers penis smell and how to refresh points up.

Healing a Chafed Penis: 5 Tips for a Faster Recovery

A chafed penis, or a “friction shed” on the member, can be fairly undesirable. Red, irritated, as well as warm, a chafed penis can sideline a man for up to week as nature’s natural healing process takes its program. Right here are a few means to handle penis chafing to advertise a quick recuperation.

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