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Itchy Penis: Was It the Lubricant or the Latex?

When a man has an itchy penis after making use of a condom, it may be that the prophylactic is the wrongdoer – or it might be lubricating substance. Making a decision which is the resource identifies the service to make use of.

Penile Health and Wellness: When It’s Time to Talk to a Urologist

Regular checkups with a physician are a fundamental part of a male’s health and wellness. However when it involves penile health and wellness, it often pays to speak with a specialist in the area. Find out more about when it’s best to seek advice from a urologist.

Erection Problems and the Too-Hard Penis: Understanding Priapism

When thinking about erection issues, the first thought that comes to mind is generally a soft, drooping penis. Nevertheless, in some instances, the opposite trouble may take place. A penis that remains difficult for more than four hrs can be an indicator of non-ischemic priapism, a problem that requires medical attention.

Penis Rash: Likely Causes and Effective Remedies

Penis rash can be triggered by a selection of problems, ranging from bad health to sexually transmitted illness. Some usual causes and reliable treatments are defined right here.

Some Medications May Cause a Bent Penis

A curved penis can be an obstacle for lots of males, often triggering pain as well as preventing effective sex-related engagement. Sometimes, medicines might play a duty in the curvature.

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