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Penis Health Can Be Threatened by Bad Choices

Normal stimulation is fantastic for penis wellness. However what occurs when stimulation leads a male to make awful choices in the heat of the minute?

A Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Osteoporosis?

Men who battle with erectile disorder already have many obstacles. Now a new research indicates that they might have one more one: a greater risk of creating osteoporosis. While this does drive residence the relevance of making every effort to preserve prime penis health, it feels like a little a stretch – so why did the scientists get here at this conclusion?

Penis Sensitivity and Circumcision: What Men Need to Know

Several males that have actually undertaken circumcision may question if their penis sensitivity is jeopardized. Existing studies reveal that the loss of level of sensitivity could not be as bad as males have actually been converted.

Erect Penis Emergency: Dealing With Priapism

Most of the times, a person would barely think about an upright penis to be a situation. Certain, periodically standing out a recognizable boner while offering a discussion or when satisfying a companion’s moms and dads can be humiliating or uncomfortable, but it’s rarely an emergency. However, when that set up penis is because of priapism, things are fairly various.

Sometimes Penis Bumps May Be Hives

A guy wants to happily display his member in proper circumstances, not hide it due to the fact that penis bumps from hives makes it unsightly. Treating the hives is necessary for penis health and wellness.

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