LIVE Q&A – Sexual Kung Fu w/ Johnathan White

None of Your Business, Doctor!

When you’re over sixty in some cases the body and also brain do not function as well as they utilized to. I just recently called a physician due to what you could call sex-related dysfunction. Issue of fact, that is specifically what you would call it.

Sore Penis: Why It’s Happening and What to Do

An aching penis seldom shows up for no reason. Usually, the trouble starts little, as well as it may even go entirely unnoticed, yet without the correct penis care, these issues are bound to obtain increasingly more extreme, up until a male merely can’t concentrate as a result of his pain and also discomfort. The very best way to heal from an aching penis issue is to determine what triggered the discomfort.

Erectile Dysfunction – Are the Winter Blues to Blame?

For some men, erectile dysfunction is a constant trouble; for others, it may come and go. If performance issues only occur in the wintertime, seasonal anxiety may be the reason.

Penis Enlargement – Basic Beginners’ Questions Answered!

If you are a newbie worldwide of penis augmentation, after that this write-up is excellent for you due to the fact that it will certainly respond to all of the concerns that you might have concerning this specific subject. What is Penis Enlargement? What is penis augmentation, to begin with?

Penis Enlargement – What Is the Fastest Way to a Bigger Penis?

For several years currently, guys have actually searched for various methods to get themselves a larger penis. This dates right back to ancient times when men with larger penises were seen as the manliest among the people. To make points even worse, men with smaller sized penises were normally mocked as well as made enjoyable of, no matter of whether their penis size was due to their genetics or not.

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