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Penis Rash Causes: Get to Know These Plants!

When a penis breakout appears, interest in the penis from a partner may go away. Recognizing what plants may cause a pen is breakout is vital to continued wellness.

Itchy Penis: 5 Tips for Hiding the Scratch

An itchy penis can be enough to drive a man to distraction., yet there are some scenarios in which giving the penis a scrape can draw the wrong kind of interest to his penis.

Swollen, Red Penis? Balanitis May Be Caused by Bacteria

A red penis, particularly one in which the inflammation is situated near the head of the penis, is usually an indicator of balanitis. This problem might be created by microorganisms on the penis.

Severe Penis Pain: Is It a Nerve Problem?

Nothing can place a crimp in a guy’s sex-related plans quicker than unbearable penis pain. There can be lots of causes, but pudendal neuralgia might be reoccuring as well as hard to remove.

Ways to Treat Chafing on the Penis

Chafing on the penis can be one of one of the most uneasy locations to chafe. Penis chafing can keep a man from his favored tasks like working out, sex, as well as also just fitting moving or resting. Fortunately, recovery can be quick once it’s treated.

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