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The Debate: Does Penis Size Really Matter or Is There Something Else More Important?

Just how much does penis size actually matter? Is a man evaluated much more by the movement in the ocean or the size of the boat? Professionals and intimate companions weigh in.

Morning Wood 101: Sleep Erections and the Morning After

Yawn, stretch, exhale. As a man climbs after a fitful rest, he looks down and notifications something else has increased too and also wonders why. Read on to discover every little thing there is to understand about sleep erections.

The Kamasutra: 5 Positions to Avoid for Penis Safety

Simply listening to the mention of Kamasutra creates pictures of racy, acrobatic sex settings; however, not every position is possible for every single collaboration and also can be downright hazardous for a penis. Review on to uncover the five Kamasutra settings to stay clear of or at the very least watch out for trying.

Hypnotherapy and Erectile Dysfunction: Savior or Snake Oil?

Impotence is a typically recognized concern several men have more than the course of their life time. Could hypnotherapy be the solution to this penis problem?

The Physiology of an Erection: How It Works and How to Keep Em Coming

Ever wondered just how an erection occurs? Well, read this physiology of an erection post to learn.

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