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Can Bent Penis Surgery Cause Complications?

When curvature of the penis ends up being a significantly bent penis, a medical professional needs to be consulted. One therapy choice may be surgery, however the risks need to be discovered first.

Tingling and Sore Penis? Look Into Restless Genital Syndrome

Men obtain a sore penis for various reasons. One unknown cause is restless genital disorder, which can cause states of relentless arousal that exhaust the penis.

Penis Blisters: 5 Causes and How to Treat Them

No question about it– penis sores are unsightly, agonizing, as well as alarming. Finding out to identify these 5 kinds of sores can assist guys to determine the most effective program of therapy.

Smegma Symptoms: A Normal Male Complaint?

Smegma is a dirty little point that can turn uncomfortable if left straight-out. Here are some smegma signs, triggers, as well as exactly how to clean points up.

Why Do I Have a Red Penis, and How Can I Treat It?

A red penis can have multiple reasons, varying from a straightforward sensitive response to much more significant concerns. Utilizing a penis health crème can aid with chafed, rough or red penis skin.

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