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Can’t Get Hard? Does It Mean You Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Does it mean you have impotence additionally referred to as impotence if you can’t obtain hard? Figure out in this short article as there can be some safe reasons that you are not getting difficult in bed.

Erectile Dysfunction and the Link to Gum Disease: Understanding the Surprising Connection

Why should penis wellness be gotten in touch with oral health and wellness? It may seem unusual, yet there can be a connection. In the last few years, numerous physicians and researchers have discussed a link in between periodontitis, a sort of periodontal illness, as well as erectile disorder.

Fishy Smell From the Penis? A Rare Health Condition Could Be the Cause

Regardless of exactly how physically remarkable his participant may be, if a man has penis smell, he might transform off possible partners. Trimethylaminuria is a root cause of persistent shady scent from the penis.

Penis Odor: Poor Hygiene, or Medical Condition?

An undesirable scent coming from a person’s trousers can be an indicator of bad health, yet it can also be brought on by a relatively unusual hereditary disorder. This write-up checks out the connection between DNA and also a shady penis odor.

Penis Health Matters: The Impact of Estrogen in Men

Many guys know about testosterone, which is frequently called the “male hormone,” largely due to the function it plays in penis wellness and due to the fact that words has ended up being connected with a sort of hostile masculinity. Numerous guys have actually additionally come across estrogen, typically described as the “women hormone.” In truth, both sexes carry both testosterone and also estrogen, so the nicknames are a little bit deceptive.

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