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When Penis Stretching Causes Penis Pain

Guy who are worried concerning the dimension of their penis might indulge in penis extending in an effort to add length. In some instances, this can result in some penis pain.

His Red Penis: Balanitis for Her

A blotchy, red penis is not attractive as well as can make a female reevaluate her choice of companion. Commonly the reason of the inflammation is just balanitis, which is not hazardous.

Masturbating Too Much: Is It Even Possible?

Many men recognize that masturbating is an important component of excellent penis care. But when self pleasure overdoes, it can become a limitation instead of a help.

Simple Tips to Get the Most Handsome Penis Around

A male who wishes to offer the very best of his member will certainly intend to take steps to develop an extremely handsome penis. Here’s just how to do it without considering severe measures.

Strange Penis Problems: Accidental Ejaculation

When it pertains to penis troubles, unintended ejaculation could feel like a really rare one. Yet while it might seem weird, it’s really a lot more typical than most guys believe.

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